Privacy policy

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Privacy policy

Respect and protection of your private life for the "Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) Bursary" contest


Mrs Marie-Frédérique Beaupré, financial planner at Investors Group (the organizer of the contest), and Service Scolaire Sesco Inc. are conscious of the questions raised relative to the use of your personal information on the Internet and wish to work with you in order to ensure the respect and the protection of your privacy. For this reason, we wish to explain to you what type of information we collect when you take part in the contest and also when, how and why we collect this information. We suggest that you read the following paragraphs attentively and review periodically in order to follow any changes that may occur. Be assured that no personal information are collected for the contest without your consent.


Collection and personal data processing




In particular circumstances, either at the time of the registration for the contest, in e-mails or in the on-line contest, the organizer require that you register your name, address, email and other personal information. Thus, when the organizer asks you for such information, you are always explicitly informed in advance that you are providing us with information which will be processed, that is, subjective collection, recording, development, modification, conservation and destruction of known personal information. Whenever possible, the organizer will provide you with the means of verifying that your personal data is correct and up to date.




The collection of this information makes it possible for the organizer to manage the contest, to contact you in the event that you win a prize and, to forward to you, from time to time, information by email.


For whom?


It is important to specify that no other partners of the contest organizer or Service Scolaire Sesco Inc. have, at any time, access to your personal information. Only the organizer has access to the information that you have transmitted to them within the framework of the contest. Service Scolaire Sesco Inc. will have access to this same information if you decide to proceed to make a purchase on their website If additional information were to be required of you for any another reason, you would be automatically and expressly informed of it, at the time where this information would be required from you.


No personal information will be made available to outside sources without your explicit and prior consent. Moreover, we wish to mention to you that all the personal information collected for the contest is safeguarded in areas inaccessible to the public.


In spite of the foregoing, you have at any time the ability to ask the organizer not to use or to cease the use of your personal information.


All things considered, the only situations in which the organizer and Service Scolaire Sesco Inc. can reveal personal information concerning you are as follows: upon demand of a legal authority or in all good faith where required (A) to comply with any law or regulation in force, or to intervene in a lawsuit brought against the organizer or Service Scolaire Sesco Inc.; (b) to protect or defend the rights or property of the organizer or Service Scolaire Sesco Inc. or of the participants of the contest or customers of Service Scolaire Sesco Inc.; and (c) to intervene, in extreme circumstances, with the aim of protecting the personal safety of the participants in the contest or customers of Service Scolaire Sesco Inc. or of the public.


Be vigilant!


The webpages of the contest contain links to other websites managed by third parties; these links are proposed to you for convenience. The activation of these links causes you to leave the contest website. Please note that the organizer does not exert any control over the web sites of third parties and that the fact that these sites are indexed on the web page of the contest does not engage in any case the liability of the organizer or Service Scolaire Sesco Inc. Thus, any personal information which you provide to other websites will be necessarily subject to their personal information policy. In such a case, the organizer and Service Scolaire Sesco Inc. cannot be held liable for the abuses which could result from this. Consequently, we recommend that you attentively examine the personal information policy of any other websites you visit.


Also, keep in mind that the voluntary disclosure of personal information by electronic mail is not covered by the present policy; you should always pay attention when you transmit your personal information. You transmit this information at your own risk. This information may be collected and used by third parties without prior or specified consent on your part. All things considered, if you register personal information on-line and that this information is accessible to the public, you are likely to receive unsolicited messages from other parties. The organizer and Service Scolaire Sesco Inc. decline any liability in relation to such events. At all times, we advise you to remain careful and attentive when you are on-line and on websites.




The organizer and Service Scolaire Sesco Inc. designed and implemented security measures in order to protect you from the loss or the unauthorized use of personal information under the control of the organizer of the contest. Moreover, the servers of the contest are protected by a firewall. However, no security mechanism is perfect and you must be advised that there is always a certain level of risk that the personal information you transmit within the framework of the contest is revealed without fault on the part of the organizer or Service Scolaire Sesco Inc. and without your consent. The organizer and Service Scolaire Sesco Inc. decline any liability in regards to the disclosure of such confidential information, except in the event of negligence by the organizer or Service Scolaire Sesco Inc.




What are "cookies"?


"Cookies" are pieces of information that are sent to you by a website. They are stored in a temporary or permanent file on your hard drive to retain traces of your visit. Such stored information can contain, in particular, the date and the hour of your visit, a response to a questionnaire completed on the visited site, personal information collected by the servers, etc. Thus, the cookies can increase the utility of the website by safeguarding information relating to your preferences for a particular website.


The use of cookies is now standard in the data-processing world. The majority of web navigators usually accept the cookies by default. You can always modify your parameters in order to refuse the cookies if you wish. In this case, however, you may not profit from all the elements of a website. The cookies in themselves are harmless. You can review and remove them if you wish because they are on your hard drive. You have complete control over them.


The use of cookies for the contest.


For the purposes of the contest, the organizer will not use cookies.


We hope that these guidelines have informed you of the strict policy of confidentiality in force for the contest. In addition, we reserve the right to modify these terms. We invite you to review this policy periodically in order to check if any changes were made.


The organizer of the contest “Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) Bursary”



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