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Use of the site is controlled by the conditions listed below, which constitutes a contract between you and SESCO. These conditions may be modified by the company at any given time.



 By using the site, you acknowledge to have read and understood the conditions. If you do not wish to be bound by these conditions, you cannot use the site or place an order for our products.



 1.1 SESCO’s Operating Location

SESCO operates the site from its office in Canada. Those who choose to use the site do so of their own initiative and it is their responsibility to comply with all applicable local laws. Any claim relating to the site and the elements contained therein, or arising from the use of the latter is governed by the laws applicable in the territory of the province of Quebec.

1.2 Usage Restrictions

Unless otherwise specified in one or another section of the site, none of its elements can be copied, distributed, published, translated, downloaded, posted or transmitted in any manner whatsoever without prior written permission of SESCO or copyright holder. You are permitted to view or download the materials on the site, strictly for non-commercial purposes. You must not change these elements. In addition, you are required to retain all notices of intellectual property they contain.

1.3 Trademarks

The trademarks and logos used or displayed on the site are trademarks registered or not, by SESCO or third parties. Nothing on the site shall be interpreted so as to allow, directly or indirectly, the use of a trademark reproduced without the prior written permission of the owner of the trademark. 

1.4 Limitation of Liability

The site and the information contained therein are provided as is, without any warranty, expressed or implied. Subject to any applicable law to the contrary, SESCO declines any liability and makes no warranties, including warranties of merchantability or preference of a particular purpose. In addition, SESCO makes no representations regarding the use, download, the validity, accuracy or reliability of the elements reproduced on the site of from the results obtained from the use of such elements. Even though SESCO does everything possible to ensure that the site contains no errors, it assumes no responsibility in relation thereto. Companies linked to SESCO, their leaders, their employees, their representatives or their agents will not be liable for any damages directly or indirectly related to the use of the site, including the lost of data or profits arising from the use of elements of the site or the inability to use such items.

1.5 Copyrights

When you download a file on servicescolairesesco.com you must make sure not to violate the laws of copyright protection.


Acceptance of an order

The receiving e-mail confirmation of an order does not automatically mean that SESCO accepted the order and is not a confirmation that the company is committed to sell anything. SESCO reserves the right, without further notice, to refuse to do business with any customer whether and/or to fix a limit quantity for any selection made on your order. It may be necessary for SESCO, and at any time, to verify personal or relative information concerning credit cards before accepting any orders.

 2.1 Method of payment

2.1.1 We accept credit card payment: Visa and MasterCard

2.2 Price

2.2.1 The payable price for each product ordered appears by each product offered on the site.

2.2.2 The cost of transport and delivery, as well as applicable sales taxes is extra.

2.2.3 SESCO reserves the right at all times to alter the prices of products offered on the site without prior notice.

2.2.4 All prices are in Canadian dollars.

2.2.5 Product prices on the site may differ from the price offered for the same products in the store operated by Service Scolaire SESCO.

2.3 Returning merchandise

Do not use bubble envelopes or any other envelopes whatsoever they are not strong enough. instead use cardboard pakaging.

2.3.1 You can return products to SESCO at any time within 10 days of order reception with customer service’s authorization. You must include the receipt (or copy) received with parcel which indicates the deadline that we will accept returns. For any returns, you must present yourself or send your belongings to SESCO Inc at 1973 Industrial Blvd Laval, Quebec, Canada H7S 1P6. A 5% administrative fee may be charged on returns purchased by credit card. Final sales on all purchases made from Labor Day until end of school year.

2.3.2 In order to return products for reasons other than being defective, you must assume the cost and risks for returned products. You cannot return products once they have been covered, if you wrote your name, if they are damaged or if the book is no longer in its original plastic.  We recommend you use a cardboard packaging for returns by mail.

2.3.3 If an item is defective, it will be exchanged for a new copy of the same product. If SESCO did not deliver the goods as ordered, it will send the right products and assume the transport costs and risks. Please contact customer service to correct this error. (Defective term also applies to components missing or incorrect products).

2.3.4 Upon receiving the returned goods, any amount charged to your credit card account in respect of any SESCO products, except the shipping charges will be credited as soon as possible. One condition is: products that are the subject of the return must be returned under your identity, be within timeline for returns and goods received in the same state they were upon receiving them. All items must be in perfect reselling condition.

2.3.5All stationary items are not refundable nor exchangeable.

2.4 Defective products

2.4.1 Defective products upon delivery: when the product is shipped via Canada Post, you should check the item received to make sure it was not damaged during delivery. In case the product would have been damaged, you must make a claim to Canada Post within 48 hours, giving your tracking number. provide clear and complete pictures showing: the damage, internal packaging, all sides of the external packaging and a picture of the shipping sticker including the tracking number. keep the article in its present condition (with all original external and internal packaging) because it may be submitted to Canada Post for inspection when the provided pictures are inconclusive. If the box is damaged, refuse the parcel and contact customer service to advise them.


2.4.2 Defective products during use: with the exception of flutes, mouthpieces, headphones, earphones and USB keys which ARE NOT REFUNDABLE NOR EXCHANGEABLE, the manufacturer of the product offers guarantees of variable duration. So that SESCO can take charge of the replacement or repair, you must return it to SESCO. The products must be accompanied by the receipt. SESCO will make sure that all products are not damaged prior to shipment. SESCO will send the right products and assume transportation costs and risks, as long as you have contacted customer service and an agreement was taken upon a shipment carrier and that you have the product sent to us.

 2.5 Cancellation of item an/ or order

No item or cancellation of orders can be done by means of the website. SESCO keeps no record of your transaction (credit card), it is therefore impossible for the company to make changes. You need to contact customer service. Any credit will be refunded on the same method of payment that was used on original purchase. If you want a full refund of the order you have to provide the relevant details in this regard. A 5% administrative and handling fee may be charged on cancellations of purchased items.

Final sales on all purchases made from Labor Day until end of school year.

 2.6 Product availability

2.6.1 The site lists all products that can be ordered from the suppliers. Please note that these products are not necessarily part of the in-store inventory. In the event that SESCO has to wait for those products or items out of stock until they become available, it is possible that your order will be upheld before being shipped. If ever you are in a hurry or to receive all or certain items in your order, we recommend that you place a separate order for these items.

 2.6.2 SESCO does not guarantee the availability of products offered on the site. If SESCO can not deliver one or some products you ordered because they are out of stock, we will notify you as well as the school.

2.6.3 SESCO is not responsible for any damage you may encounter due to the unavailability of materials.

2.6.4 Missing items

It is possible that your order includes certain items that are currantly out of stock. In this case, these are indicated in the QT BO column of your invoice and will be delivered as soon as possible to the address originally determined or directly to your school (1) for your delivery. when placing your order. However, missing products preceded by the code (PROF) will be given by the teacher.

(1) Communicate any subsequent changes or incorrect information to customer service at 450 667-9227.

 2.7 Product delivery

2.7.1 Delivery charges vary depending on the postal code and weight of items ordered. The initial price given by the site is for the Greater Montreal area. You will be notified if the fees differ.

2.7.2 Delivery will be shipped by SESCO as soon as possible following the acceptance of your order.  The delay and delivery costs can vary depending on the shipment destination and the availability of products. The delivery delays are estimated from the time the goods leave SESCO place of business.

2.7.3 You will become owner of the products you have ordered as soon as they will be handed to the transport service by SESCO. From this moment on, you will be required to take on all shipping risks and SESCO will not be responsible for loss or destruction.

2.7.4 No delivery outside of Canada.

2.7.5 Delivery of the products is subject to the rules of shipping companies with whom SESCO does business, in this case, Canada Post or rules of any other company with which SESCO might do business with, from time to time. If so, you are particularly subject to the rules regarding the signing of a receipt of goods acknowledgement. If you have been away from the place where you asked SESCO to deliver the products, it will be your responsibility to retrieve them according to Canada Post (or any other company) rules of shipping.  In the event that the parcel is returned to SESCO you will be responsible to pay the return fees.

2.7.6 SESCO requires full payment of products that you ordered before proceeding to their delivery.

2.7.7 Upon receiving parcel, it is the responsibility of the client to verify the order.  If any discrepancy you must advise SESCO immediately.

2.8 Disclaimer

2.8.1 In the event where SESCO’s responsibility concerning your order may be with-held, it will be limited to an amount of money equivalent to the price you paid for the products returned.

2.8.2 Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing in this article can have the effect of limiting any right by virtue of either public order laws that might apply in your case.

 2.9 Incontrollable Force

 SESCO will not be liable of non-execution, in part nor in full by any of its obligations to you, or for damages or losses you may suffer, in failure of execution, damage or loss resulting from an incontrollable force or circumstance beyond its control.



3.1 Security

SESCO has implemented security measures at the cutting edge of technology to protect you against loss or unauthorized use of your information, including information about your credit card. SESCO servers use the latest information transmission technology ("Secure Socket Layers" (SSL)), making it highly secure. Moreover, SESCO’s servers are protected by firewall-type technology. SESCO is committed to maintaining its hardware at the leading edge of technology to allow you at all times to perform secure transactions on the site. However, no security mechanism is perfect and you must be aware that there is always some level of risk that personal information transmitted to SESCO be disclosed without fault on the part of the company without your consent. SESCO disclaims any responsibility if it happens unless caused by negligence. Please note that for your security, no credit card information is kept on servers used by SESCO. If you are concerned with the confidentiality regarding the use of your credit card on the Internet, SESCO invites you to speak to a customer service representative by calling (450) 667-9227 or 1-877- 667-9227.


3.2 What information about you is collected by SESCO?

Under certain circumstances, in connection with the purchase of goods or when you sign up for a contest, SESCO requires that you provide your name, address, e-mail and, if you agree, some other information. To possible extent, SESCO will provide the means for you to ensure that your confidential information is accurate and up to date.

3.3 What use is made of the information collected?

The information collected by SESCO about you allows the opening of an account in your name, to process your order, to reach you in the event that you win a contest prize, to personalize its rapport.  SESCO also assures you that its sponsors and/or partners do not have at any time access to your confidential information. In addition, SESCO does not market its user’s lists.

 3.4 SESCO links

SESCO site contains Web links utilized by its clients. By clicking on these links, you leave the site. SESCO has no control over the exploitation of these websites and the fact that they are listed on SESCO website does not hold SESCO liable. Any personal information transmitted via these sites will be subject to the policy of protection of personal data. We recommend that you pay special attention to policies concerning the protection of confidential information from these sites.

3.5 The “Cookies”

The “Cookies” is a tiny text file that incorporates itself on your hard drive from certain Web site pages. Cookies are harmless. They can not extract information from your hard drive. SESCO uses cookies to establish traffic on the site, to provide information that will be highly useful to its marketing department, and customize future use of the site due to customer usage. This technology does not systematically put any personal information about you at SESCO disposal. You can at any time decide to no longer be subjected to cookies by amending your computer configuration.

3.6 Reserves

SESCO reserves the right at all times to alter these policies. SESCO also reserves the right to transmit personal information to the extent of the law obliges it to do so or in order to protect its property rights of the site or those of its users, sponsors, advertisers or suppliers.

3.7 Rights Protection

The contents included in this site are protected by various laws. The contents are intended for non-commercial use. Any reproduction, publication, distribution or public performance of the contents included in the site, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited. Any unauthorised use of such content could expose the offender to a lawsuit in civil liability and/or criminal prosecution.

4. Price

The prices are in Canadian dollars, excluding tax and shipping charges. The books are sold in compliance with the provisions of the Act on the development of Quebec companies, specialising in the field of books. All orders are payable in Canadian dollars. For delivery outside Canada, the costs of any customs or local taxes remain the responsibility of the recipient.

5. Shipping Charges

Shipping costs include participation in the cost of preparation and packaging, in addition to the cost of postage. They are composed of two parts, one fixed and the other based on the number of items ordered. Services Scolaire SESCO Inc. cannot commit to a consolidation of several separate orders and shipping costs will be charged for each of them. It is best to combine all of your articles on a single order (if twins you can place 1 order).

6. Available items

All items may not be stored or stocked in our branch. Our offer is therefore conditional on the availability of items from our suppliers. SESCO is not responsible for the supplier shortage of stock or books out of print. Each customer will be notified as soon as possible, either by e-mail or on the packing slip indicating the products not available. Please note that articles not available are removed from our database only if indicated by the suppliers as items become out of print (or discontinued).

7. Returning merchandise

The items supplied by SESCO are new and guaranteed against any manufacturing defect. They come from all approved publishers and distributors. if it happens that an item is defective or non-compliant, SESCO undertakes control to exchange, or reimburse it, provided that it is returned to us in its original ackaging and accompanied by the original invoice, within 10 days of reception of the package.

8. Personal information management and protection policy

Respect for your privacy and the security of your data are important to us. We do not sell our customers' personal information to third parties. We have put measures in place to protect them.

We keep records relating to your purchase in order to comply with legal tax obligations.

You have the right to access and correct the personal information we hold and to withdraw your consent to its use at any time. 


When you download a file from servicescolairesesco.com, you must make sure not to violate the laws of copyright protection. The components are indeed protected by copyright. The content is destined to a non-commercial use. Any reproduction, publication, distribution or public performance of the contents included in the site, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited. Any unauthorized use of such content could expose the offender to a lawsuit in civil liability and/or criminal prosecution.

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